Employment Law

Work is vital not just to our ability to provide for our families and ourselves but also to our sense of dignity and purpose. Unfortunately, not all employers are equally concerned with the well being of their employees. Our attorneys are experienced in holding employers accountable for discriminating against their employees, failing to pay lawful wages, failing to adhere to employment contracts, or subjecting employees to harassment or unsafe working conditions. (65/70)

“At will” employment

Clients are often surprised to learn the limits of the law in protecting them against unfair termination and other workplace discipline. But employees who are not under contract are generally considered “at will” employees and can be fired at any time and for almost any reason. There are, however, important exceptions to the “at-will” rule. Employers are not allowed to discriminate against employees or applicants based on their race, religion, sex or national origin, and whistleblowers and others who report misconduct or seek to uphold important public policies are also often protected. But finding and applying the exceptions to the rule of “at will” employment requires capable and experienced legal counsel.

Protecting your rights in the workplace

Not all work problems are the result of termination or discipline. The law assures protection against harassment in the workplace, unsafe working conditions, non-payment of money owed, and unfair restrictions on future employment. Government employees may have due process rights beyond those available to those in the private sector. And employment contracts, whether bargained collectively or individually may create additional rights for some employees. Our attorneys are prepared to put their experience and skills to work for you in investigating and prosecuting your employment claim.