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’36-year-old men don’t die of pneumonia.’ Akron man sues prison after brother’s death—Akron Beacon Journal

An Akron man incarcerated in a private prison in Youngstown in May 2019 had such severe chest pain that he was having trouble breathing or moving.

James McCann, 36, saw a prison nurse, who scheduled him a doctor’s appointment.

McCann – for unknown reasons – didn’t make this appointment but asked a few days later to return to the medical pod. A guard denied his request.

The next day, McCann was found dead in his cell, with an autopsy finding he suffered from “acute pneumonia.”

“Public officials and inmate advocates have been sounding the alarm for years about this corporation and the dubious notion of housing state inmates in facilities run by private for- profit companies,” attorney Peter Pattakos said. “Thanks to the foreseeable consequences of putting the safety of Ohio’s inmates into the hands of corporations whose primary duty is to their shareholders, Jimmy’s 10- and 11-year-old daughters have lost their father.”

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