Experienced trial lawyers serving clients in Akron, Cleveland, and throughout Ohio

The Pattakos Law Firm LLC is a litigation firm based in Northeast Ohio serving clients statewide. Our founding attorney is an experienced trial lawyer who began his career at the international law firm Jones Day and has since worked to establish a track record of success in obtaining justice for people whose rights have been violated or threatened by powerful corporate and governmental interests. Our attorneys have also successfully represented large and small corporations and business owners and have prevailed for our clients in highly complex, contentious, and publicized matters.

Protecting your rights and reputation

The firm handles all types of litigation, with a focus on civil rights and abuses of governmental and corporate power, and have prevailed for our clients in a variety of matters, including over abuses of consumer rights, employment discrimination (including whistleblower retaliation claims), medical malpractice and legal malpractice claims, other personal injury cases, and business and contract disputes. Our attorneys are also experienced in the practice of criminal defense, and have prevailed for our clients in numerous felony prosecutions and high profile cases where abuses of police or prosecutorial power are at issue. And we are skilled in engaging with the media when necessary to expose matters of public interest and protect our clients’ reputations. Please browse our website for more information about our philosophy, and experience.

To schedule a consultation with our firm, please fill out our online contact form here, email us at info@pattakoslaw.com, or call our office at 330.836.8533.