Burkons’ attorney: Council leader involved in prosecution—Cleveland Jewish News

The lawyer for Beachwood City Councilman Mike Burkons has filed a second taxpayer’s demand letter claiming Beachwood City Council president James Pasch had prior knowledge and was involved in the decision to prosecute Burkons, his fellow councilman.

Peter Pattakos reviewed telephone records and emails he obtained in a public records request. Pattakos is defending Burkons, who is charged with interfering with the civil rights of Beachwood resident Alix Noureddine.

Pattakos cited Pasch’s 17 phone calls with Noureddine between June 9 and Sept. 16, his 123 phone calls to the Beachwood Law Department, a 10-minute conversation with special prosecutor Stephanie B. Scalise on Sept 16 and an email strand between Beachwood city prosecutor Nathalie Supler and Noureddine.

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