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Court of appeals rejects Cleveland police chief’s immunity claim re: alleged cover-up of murder investigation implicating mayor’s grandson

Today, a unanimous panel of the 8th District Court of Appeals rejected Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams’ claim of immunity in our lawsuit alleging that he intentionally obstructed the investigation of the murder of our client Andrea Parra’s son, who was gunned down in broad daylight by two men who fled from the scene in a car registered to Mayor Frank Jackson’s grandson.

The panel stated that it was “not convinced that, after presuming all the factual allegations to be true and making all reasonable inferences in plaintiff’s favor, plaintiff could prove no set of facts to show Chief Williams acted with malicious purpose, in bad faith, or in a wanton or reckless manner relating to the investigation of Antonio Parra’s murder.”

Discovery in the case is ongoing. More details are available here, and a copy of today’s 8th District opinion is available here.