Felony charges dismissed against woman who supposedly assaulted TownHall manager with soundwaves from megaphone—

Cuyahoga County prosecutors have, at last, dismissed one of the more outrageous felony indictments in recent memory. Twenty-two-year-old Sydney Yahner had been charged with felony assault and menacing for using a megaphone at a protest in July of 2020 at the TownHall eatery in Ohio City and for allegedly causing permanent hearing damage to a manager there. …

Her defense attorney Peter Pattakos described the indictment as a retaliatory legal maneuver undertaken by a wealthy and politically influential family, the Georges. Bobby George, with whom Scene has had prior legal disputes, owns and operates TownHall. The manager who alleged that her hearing had been permanently damaged by Sydney Yahner’s amplified voice is Jacqueline Boyd, Bobby George’s first cousin.

“Every decent citizen of this state should be terrified by the fact that their government would charge protesters for committing felony assault with the soundwaves issued from megaphones, based on nothing but facially ridiculous and easily disprovable lies by politically influential multi-millionaires who admitted that they didn’t like the speech that was coming through those megaphones and would do whatever was within their power to muzzle it,” said Pattakos, in a statement

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