Geauga County prosecutor seeks dismissal of charge against Beachwood Councilman Burkons—

When asked for comment, Burkons’ lawyer Peter Pattakos, in an email to, wrote, “Mr. Flaiz has properly made clear to Stephanie Scalise that she not only lacks authority to prosecute Burkons on behalf of the City of Beachwood, but as a municipal prosecutor, she also has no business prosecuting cases in Ohio’s common pleas courts. As far as I’m concerned, this case is over.

“I don’t think there’s another prosecutor in the world — or not a decent one, anyway — who would have brought these silly and retaliatory charges against Burkons for his having sent an email criticizing another public official on a matter of public concern.

“James Pasch, Nathalie Supler and Diane Calta are the ones who should really be ashamed here for their efforts to secretly engineer Scalise’s unlawful appointment behind the scenes and manipulating Scalise into instituting this farce in the first place,” Pattakos said.

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