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Toledo abortion clinic survives legal challenge—Toledo Blade

A Lucas County judge this week rejected a religious group’s attempt to shutter Toledo’s last remaining abortion clinic. …

Peter Pattakos, who represented Ms. Stower and Capital Care, called the lawsuit “frivolous” in a written statement.

“We’re grateful [for] Judge Olender[‘s] … ruling, which ultimately serves to protect all Ohioans’ access to health care and their rights to bodily autonomy. This case exemplifies the lows to which certain zealots who claim a higher moral authority will sink to abuse the truth and the court system to attack women’s rights,” Mr. Pattakos said.

… Judge Olender has agreed to hear arguments at a later date to determine the amount of attorneys’ fees that the plaintiffs should pay Capital Care related to costs incurred by moving the case from Wood County to Lucas County.

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