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Appeals court OKs class-action lawsuit against law firm over $50 ʻinvestigative feeʼ charged to tens of thousands of clients—

A three-judge panel of the Ninth District Ohio Court of Appeals last week unanimously upheld a lower court’s decision that grants class-certification to former clients whom the [Kisling Nestico & Redick (KNR)] law firm charged a $50 fee for investigative services that attorneys suing the firm say were never provided.

The firm’s representatives said in depositions and affidavits that the fee could apply to as many as 45,000 clients dating back to 2008. …

Peter Pattakos, the lead attorney for the five former clients of the firm who filed the lawsuit in September 2016, said in a statement that the opinion is “clear, comprehensive and well-reasoned.”

“The [appellate court’s] ruling ensures that these claims will be litigated fully, fairly, efficiently, in accord with Ohio law and bolsters our confidence that the affected clients will recover the fees that KNR and Dr. Ghoubrial wrongly charged them,” Pattakos said.

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