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Supreme Court of Ohio rejects KNR law firm’s appeal in class-action fraud suit

Today the Supreme Court of Ohio announced its decision to decline the KNR law firm’s request that it review and reverse the 9th District’s ruling affirming that tens of thousands of the firm’s former clients may proceed as a class to adjudicate claims that they were wrongly charged a fraudulent “investigation” fee.

The case will now return to the Summit County Court of Common Pleas where we will litigate the investigation-fee claims on the merits for the wrongly charged clients, and to seek re-certification of class-action claims against KNR and its associated “pain management” doctor, Sam Ghoubrial, relating to fraudulent medical charges wrongly deducted from client settlements.
For more details about other recent court rulings in this case, see here and here; and for a detailed account of the evidence proving KNR’s fraudulent schemes, see here.